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ILC has moved

ILC Talen has moved to Cartografenweg 34, Waalwijk

As of March 14th, 2016 ILC moved to our new office at Cartografenweg 34, Waalwijk.

After 25 years, we were ready for a new challenge, and said goodbye to our old location.  In our new and easily accessible location on the road to Tilburg from Waalwijk, we are prepared and able to provide a comfortable atmosphere in which to train our clients.  



25 years of language training

25 years of language training

In November 2015, International Language Centre celebrated its 25th year of offering language and cultural training in Waalwijk.  Qualities of today and tomorrow are built on a past. The more enduring and strong the content of that past, the better able we are to build a future.

The history of International Language Centre and the current position that we hold in the market demonstrates the fact that ILC has grown, in a relatively short period of time, from the concept of a love for language to a recognized centre of linguistic & culture training and consultancy which offers effective (business) language programs.

Dirk van der Pol opened ILC on Monday, November 6th 1990.  He is no longer part of the company, and in January, 2015, Anja Scheutjens, who since 1998 was employed by ILC, took over as owner.  She now leads ILC with a fresh and forward-thinking approach.