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Language Courses

Language training courses at ILC

An intensive language course is ideal if you want to learn a language in a short period of time, but it is also perfect if you want to improve your language skills.
ILC offers personal training courses that are specifically focused on and tailored to your individual level, abilities and needs. When planning your program we take into consideration your schedule and preferences.

Intake interview

In preparation for the course, a language expert conducts an intake interview with you to determine your entry level. Various factors are taken into account such as learning styles, educational background, knowledge of other foreign languages and your job. After the interview has taken place and the objectives have been defined, the language expert gives his/her advice on the duration and outline of the training course.

Flexible scheduling

Learning a language or improving language skills is a process that takes time and practice. That's why we advise our students to plan their lessons once a week for a specific number of hours, spread out over a longer period of time. This way you have enough time to review, reflect and apply what you have learned. The total number of hours depends on what the language expert recommends.


The language training program is tailored to your specific, work-related needs. Besides teaching materials that you receive from us, the trainers work with authentic materials that fit in with your industry, position and experience.

Group training

It is also possible to follow a course with more students at the same time, on the condition that the entry level and objectives of the participants are almost the same.

Cultural aspects

ILC works with native speakers from different countries. As such, cultural aspects are discussed in every course. The trainers don't just give information about the culture of that particular country, but also the cultural aspects that are an intrinsic part of the language.


Next to our training courses at our location in Waalwijk, ILC also offers in-company training at your location. You can take this course individually or in a group with your co-workers, but whatever you choose our courses are always tailor-made. ILC is flexible and will plan the training course to suit your schedule.

Continual assessment

During our intensive individual language courses we regularly plan in midterm assessments. We discuss your progress and experiences, so that we can adapt the training program, if needed. Assessment interviews are also excellent tools for measuring the effectiveness of the teaching methodology and your progress, as a result.

Measurable results

At the end of the course you will take a final test to determine what you have learned and how much progress you have made. Your progress is assessed based on the "Common European Framework". (more information :


"To learn any other language, I would recommend ILC to anyone "

Jacco van den Broek, VDH The Freight Managers

"I didn't speak a work of Dutch before I began the course. The lessons were tailored to my needs, and were both professional and diverse in design. There was attention to the language as well as the culture. I now have a basis in Dutch and would like to continue to improve my spoken skills. "

Mikael Mortensen, DFDS Seaways

"ILC is a flexible institute with short lines of communication. Their venue is comfortabele and has a relaxed atmosphere. "

Martens en Van Oord

" I have chosen to study Spanish in a set 2-hour program per week. These sessions are led by an experienced docent, in my case an amiable Spanish lady. The most valuable aspect is that the conversations are held in relation to my daily topics and practices. My experience with ILC has been very positive, thanks to the useful material and personalized lessons."

Trouw Nutrition

"ILC offers rapid, flexible and tailor-made programs at a competitive price."


"As an HR Assistant I plan, among other things, the courses and training programs for our organization. I am very satisfied with the cooperation of ILC. This due to their flexible approach and the way in which they collaborate with us. The programs are truly tailor made, and this is clear in the positive reactions that I have received from my colleagues. And don’t forget, the great teacher!"

Perfetti van Melle

"Collaborating with ILC: a company which views quality and customer-service as paramount!"


"Working with ILC is excellent! From registration to receiving the certificate, we fully trust that ILC will take care of the entire program. Additionally, they are very flexible and collaborate closely with the client. Most importantly, they guide our employees to the desired language level!"


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