Don’t let language stand in the way of your professional career, learn how to successfully communicate in another language.  Language as a key component to your professional career.

International Language Centre offer the Language and Cultural training you need in more than 25 different languages; Tailored to your profession or business, proficiency level and desired goal.

Summer School

Summer is here!
Summer school is the perfect opportunity to hone or maintain your skills in an airconditioned, comfortable and relaxed ambiance.
During this period we offer a series of short and intensive, 1 week, courses in the following languages: German, English, Spanish and French.

  • Value added to your CV or Resume. A demonstration of motivation and your ambition to succeed
  • Combine study with your summer leisure activities
  • Airconditioned comfort with lunch and ice cold soft drinks
  • Ideal for Networking and making new acquaintances
  • An opportunity to interact with other professionals in your language of choice


Business Language Training

“Every training is Unique”

  • Personal intake interview
  • Tailored to your needs and goals
  • Profession based and relevant
  • Adapted to your proficiency level
  • Native Speaker trainers
  • Intensive or Interval training
  • Flexible scheduling based on your availability

Training Details

Group Training

“Tailored Groep Training”

  • Personalized Intake interview;
  • Tailored to your specific goals and tasks within the company;
  • Compatible groups ;
  • All proficiency levels;
  • Work related and relevant
  • Flexible planning

Training Details

Preparing Your Presentation

“Presenting in another language requires more than just a standard PowerPoint”

  • Enhance your professional speeches and presentations.
  • Does your PowerPoint match the context ?
  • Culturally relevant and matching
  • Proof-reading focused on content and vocabulary
  • Personal approach and confidentiality guaranteed.

Training Details

Wat makes ILC Unique?

The transfer of Language is complex and more than just completing exercises from a book. Together, we empower you to learn the language in an effective and personal manner. Our trainers also make sure you become better acquainted with the prevailing Social & Cultural norms, We are experienced to quickly identify language related bottlenecks, and offer tailored advice on training methods, programs and implementation.
From this perspective you might say that we speak your language.

Native speakers: To understand a language, you need to learn more than just words.
Effective: An effective & efficient learning approach.
Flexible: Together we review your needs, goals, availability and time needed to achieve results.
Personal: Our trainers are personal language coaches, as opposed to language trainers.
Quality: We are a member of NRTO ( The Dutch Board for Training and Education ).

Virtually all ILC, International Language Centre trainers, are experienced native speakers. Many have an Academic background in Finance, Legal or Commerce and experience in conducting language courses in in : Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Chinese, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Frisian, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish and Swedish.

Tailor-Made Language and Cultural training

A language & Cultural training an your level, based on your learning goals, schedule and profession

"The interactive communication, the training material and additional information about country & culture." Kim Tran, Swiss Sense
Additional references

Flexible in everything except on Quality

  • Native speakers: To understand a language, you need to learn more than just words.
  • Effective: A highly efficient and effective learning method.
  • Flexible: Together we review your needs, goals, availability and time needed to achieve your results. .
  • Personal: Our trainers are personal Language coaches as opposed to Language trainers.
  • Quality: Fully accredited and certified in accordance with the NRTO guidelines.
11 June, 2019 Author: lineke

‘Twee op de vijf werknemers in schoonmaakbranche zijn laaggeletterd’

Tussen de 34 en 40 procent van de werknemers in de schoonmaak, bouw en industrie, productie en landbouw en keuken kan nauwelijks lezen en schrijven, meldt het AD dinsdag op basis van een studie in opdracht van de Stichting Lezen & Schrijven. Daardoor zijn zij minder productief, werken ze langzamer en maken ze meer fouten. […]