Tailored program

This training is designed for professionals, who are staying in the Netherlands for a short or extended period of time.  The Expat experiences first hand how cultural differences and backgrounds can play an important role both on a private and professional level. This is especially true when you are settling in a new country. If you wish, you may follow this training together with your partner or colleagues.

Tailored program

Depending on your personal situation we will review the following:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Social Interaction
  • Legal and Political structures
  • Typical practices & customs
  • Tailored program>

The Netherlands a place to live and work

Every Expat has different and specific reasons to learn Dutch. For instance, because it is required on the work floor or to build a better social network. The mother tongue and any other languages spoken usually indicate the pace and relative ease one has to learn the Dutch language.  In order to design a tailor-made training we first conduct a personal intake interview. During the intake we review and discuss your ambitions, goals and the optimal effective training format.
If you already have some basic Dutch language skills ( i.e. language training in your country of origin) we can then determine which proficiency entry level test is best suited for you.

The ” Dutch for Expats”  module combines both language and culture. After all, effective communication is narrowly linked to one’s mastery of the language, and being familiar with the prevailing norms and values of the country you are settling in. Cultural differences and backgrounds, both in private or on a professional level play a significant role in the life of an Expat. Especially during the initial phase of settling in your new country. Do you recall what you first noticed about the Dutch and Netherlands? What is different when you compare the living and working routine in the Netherlands, with your own country? Being familiar with the Cultural and Social differences is fundamentally important for the Expat.

Individual Language Training

“Every Language training is unique ”

  • A personalized Intake Interview
  • Training content tailored to your goals and expectations.
  • Your personal input and daily activities are given a central role.
  • Training on all proficiency levels
  • Our language coaches are Native-Speakers
  • Intensive or interval- phased language training schedule

An individual training has its advantages and often yields higher results. You receive full attention from the language trainer and are given many opportunities to focus on your professional objectives in greater detail. You receive personal feedback.

Group Language training

“Need based training in small groups”

  • Personalized intakes
  • Tailored to your specific goals and professional activities within your company
  • Homogeneous group composition
  • Group training on all proficiency levels.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Relevant and ready to be applied language training
  • Always a good ambiance

Training together as a group motivates and creates a bond allowing each other to exchange ideas and to have discussions.

Business Language and Culture Training

“ Learning a new language is more than stringing words together in the right order”

  • Always a personal intake for Individual and Group training.
  • Learn the language form a Native-Speaker
  • Cultural aspects always included
  • Professional and Job focused
  • Enter at your own proficiency level
  • Flexible in everything except for Quality

Business language trainings are fun and highly effective. It is important that the training matches your needs and goals. Please let us know your wishes and together we will put together a lesson plan, time needed and intensity.

Preparing your presentation

“A quality presentation is always complete and in tune with your audience”

  • Enhance your professional speeches and presentations
  • Is your Powerpoint relevant and clear?
  • A proper cultural fit
  • Proof-reading focused on content and vocabulary
  • Personal approach and confidentiality guaranteed

Language Assessments

“Flexible, without compromising on Quality”

  • Face-to-face assessment by Native speakers
  • CEFR Guidelines
  • Language testing per specific skill
  • Immediate feedback & advice for improvement

Important to mention is, that ILC is compliant with the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR) drawn up by the European Council.

Dutch for Expats

“This training combines language and culture ”

Depending on your personal situation we will review the following:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Social Interaction
  • Legal and Political structures
  • Typical practices & customs
  • Tailored program

This training is intended for professionals who are living and working in the Netherlands for a short or longer period of time. For the Expat, cultural differences and backgrounds, both privately and professionally, play an important role when settling in a new country.

Looking for a specific language training?
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We provide language training in more than 25 languages tailored to the requirements and wishes of our client / student (s). The product language is always tailor-made for us.

ILC’s Hallmark of Quality 


All our qualified trainers have extensive educational and professional backgrounds, and more importantly, have been working with ILC for many years.
We work in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference, the international language standard for describing language ability on a six point scale.
From A1 for beginners to C2 for those who have mastered a language. Overseen by the European Commission it means that employers and educational institutions can compare our qualifications and for our students it provides maximum transparency and orientation.
We are members of NRTO: Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding / The Dutch Board of Education and Training which is the leading branch organization for all private and professional training bureaus in the Netherlands closely associated with the VNO-NCW: Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers active in the SMB sector.